• Sewage Ejectors

National Library of Korea

Seoul, South Korea

To meet the demands of its rapid expansion, the National Library of Korea underwent a crucial realization: the efficient management of wastewater generated within its premises was imperative. Comprising seven floors and a basement level, alongside two smaller interconnected buildings, the main structure required a strategic approach to handle its daily wastewater output.


The library implemented a comprehensive wastewater management system, employing five Zoeller package systems. These systems play a pivotal role in managing the effluent discharged not only from the main library but also from its integral book café. To facilitate the seamless flow of wastewater, four sewage package systems from Zoeller are strategically positioned throughout the library, dedicated to pumping restroom wastewater directly into the municipal sewer system. Moreover, due to the absence of discharge piping in the foundational structure of the library’s book café, a specialized drain pump was installed. This pump efficiently collects and directs all sink waste to external systems, ensuring proper disposal and management of wastewater from this section of the building.

Model Description
K295 Sewage package system
BK266 Sewage package system
BK53 Drain pump system



Implementing these strategic wastewater management systems not only optimized the library’s operations, but also significantly enhanced the overall hygiene and cleanliness standards within the premises.

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