Spider Valve Sizing Tool

Use this feature to determine what product you need and how to customize it to meet your application.

Are you wondering how to select the correctly sized Spider Valve®? At Zoeller Pump Company, our Spider Valve® Sizing Tool simplifies the process.

What Is a Spider Valve®?

Our Spider Valve® offers a solution to pressurized splitting and unequal lengths of lateral lines within gravity drain fields. This product has the technology you need to evenly distribute effluent flow toward various laterals in your drain field.

The Spider Valve® sits in our 24-inch diameter access riser and comprises a 2-inch, configurable manifold with various outlets. We can model this manifold with anywhere from two to 10 outlets. From these outlets stretch 3-foot PVC flexible pipe with 1/2-inch diameters responsible for carrying effluent to laterals. These devices maintain 1.73 gallons per minute (GPM) per outlet, with a 5-foot distal pressure. You should preserve a 3-foot distal pressure on the manifold to ensure proper effluent splitting.

Attached to the end of the flexible piping are washers, which you can drill various-sized holes into to regulate the total flow. These openings ensure you achieve proper flow and no part receives more than its allowance. Each assembly comes with 5/32-inch predrilled washers. These holes are vital to the appropriate flow and can be customized to achieve the desired GPM for your application.

How to Select a Spider Valve® for Even Distribution of Water Flow

A Spider Valve® is a valuable tool within drain fields, as it gives you more control over your effluent distribution. It’s essential to remember that each application is different and requires specific devices and tools. Understanding how to size your Spider Valve® will secure your system and ensure correct and efficient water flow. Without even water distribution, your system is likely to lead to localized overloading and a system failure.

The first thing you should do is figure out your daily flow rates. Doing this will ensure you know how many discharge outlets and orifices you’ll need to outfit your Spider Valve®. You’ll also want to determine how many laterals you need and measure the distance between them.

The diameter of your openings and their spacing is also an essential component, typically being determined by your GPM and application. For uniform distribution, we recommend that each hole is the same or within 10% of each other.

Suppose you’re looking to spread effluent across a greater distance. In that case, a smaller opening diameter is the way to go, as it decreases flow capability and increases the number needed. Large orifices are suitable for distributing water or effluent across a shorter distance. Typically, single-family homes successfully use 1/4-inch orifices.

Zoeller Pump Company Has Your Back

At Zoeller Pump Company, we are here to ensure that you access products that make your jobs easier. For over 80 years, we have dedicated our time to creating innovative products in the wastewater industry, becoming the go-to for contractors and distributors across the country.

Our Zoeller Pump Spider Valve® Sizing Tool is an intuitive program that we have created to make determining the size of your Spider Valve® and its vital characteristics as simple as possible. Still need help deciding which option will be best when selecting a Spider Valve® for even water flow distribution? Let us help!

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