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Commercial RMF Aids Church Expansion

Central Indiana

As a Central Indiana Church embraced growth, its expansion brought forth a critical challenge — the existing septic system proved too diminutive to support the demands of an upgraded kitchen facility.


The remedy arrived in the form of Recirculating Media Filters. Renowned for their adept filtration and capacity optimization, Zoeller’s Recirculating Media Filter proved instrumental in resolving the problem. RMF is designed for use in decentralized wastewater treatment applications where the effluent quality must meet or exceed secondary treatment standards. The RMF technology can be used in residential, commercial, or small community applications for treating residential strength wastewater from a septic tank. Treatment occurs below grade as the fluid trickles down through the pore spaces of the media where aerobic organisms feed on the nutrients. Effluent leaves the system through an outlet pipe in the bottom of the filter.


As the church navigated the intricacies of upgrading their facilities to accommodate the growing congregation, the recirculating media filters silently and efficiently enabled the necessary modifications. Their efficiency didn’t just lie in filtering out waste but in providing a sustainable solution that aligned with the community’s needs.

Through the strategic implementation of these filters, the church successfully expanded its kitchen without compromising environmental integrity or system efficiency. The gravity of this achievement extended beyond infrastructure—fostering a sense of continuity, unity, and service within the congregation.

The system was installed in June of 2003, and 14 subsequent samplings have revealed an average effluent quality of 3 mg/L BOD5 and 2 mg/L TSS.

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