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Utility Room Turned Bathroom with the Qwik Jon Premier

Louisville, KY

Billy and his family have lived in their home in West Point, Kentucky for over two years. The tri-level home had been in the family since 1949 and required major renovations when his family of six inherited it in 2020. The main bathroom in the home was located on the second floor and with the amount of daily use it was getting among six people, Billy was considering what options he had to add a bathroom to the main floor. The utility room on the first level was perfect for a bathroom renovation and had plenty of space for a sink, toilet, and shower. The issue at hand was that it would not be feasible to break ground in the utility room to add a bathroom since the main sewer line was on the second floor on the opposite side of the house. This meant that gravity drainage would not be an efficient or cost-effective option and they would have to find an alternative if they wanted to have a bathroom on the main floor of the home.


That is where the Qwik Jon® Premier came in handy! The Qwik Jon Premier is a grinder pump upflush system that replaces gravity drainage by doing all the pumping itself. The discharge pipe on the Qwik Jon can be attached to the discharge piping from the main sewer discharge line and functions no different than any ordinary bathroom would. The ½ HP grinder pump, equipped with Tri-Slice® cutter technology, handles human waste, shower/utility waste, toilet tissue, and feminine hygiene products. Equipped with side inlets to connect adjacent bathroom fixtures, the Qwik Jon Premier allows a complete bathroom to be installed in no time, and there is no need to break concrete. With this knowledge and the support of his local Zoeller representative and contractor, Billy was able to transform the first-floor utility room into a complete bathroom.


With just a few weeks of work and minimal mess, his family now has a complete bathroom on the main floor. No breaking concrete in the process! When asked about the completed bathroom, Billy stated, There was absolutely no way I could have feasibly and affordably put a bathroom in this location utilizing gravity. I have a family of 6 people, so it was imperative to be able have a second full bath.”

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