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RMF for Restaurant Waste

South Central Kentucky

In South Central Kentucky, a 150-seat restaurant was facing significant financial strain: they were spending $6,000 a month to pump its holding tanks, due to high wastewater management costs. Their septic tank had a design flow rate of 4,500 GPD (17,034 LPD), but their and septic tank effluent waste was exceeding 600 mg/L BOD5.


To tackle this issue, the restaurant installed a Zoeller® 50’ x 36’ (15 x 11 m) Recirculating Media Filter in March 2004, and revolutionized their wastewater management approach.

Accompanied by a 15,000′ (4,572 m) pressure compensating drip line for effluent dispersal, the system yielded remarkable results. Over four years post-installation, quarterly sampling revealed an astounding 98% reduction in waste strength, showcasing an impressive decrease in effluent BOD5 and TSS to less than 7 mg/L. This transformation not only alleviated financial burdens but also significantly improved the environmental impact.


The implementation of this advanced wastewater management system not only relieved financial strain on the restaurant, but also contributed to a cleaner local environment. By drastically reducing waste strength, this solution positively impacted the community, ensuring a healthier ecosystem.

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