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RMF Cleans Up Community Areas

South Central Wisconsin

In South Central Wisconsin, a utility company faced significant challenges with a failing aerobic package plant that not only demanded excessive maintenance but also discharged subpar wastewater, drawing intense public scrutiny due to its impact on a nearby recreation area.


Collaborating with a local engineering firm, Zoeller stepped in to address this pressing wastewater issue. A 40’x 70’ (12 x 21 m) recirculating media filter was designed by Zoeller to accommodate the facility’s requirements, capable of effectively managing a flow rate of 14,000 GPD (52,996 LPD). This solution not only met but exceeded the company’s needs, offering a sustainable and efficient alternative to the problematic aerobic package plant.


Moreover, Zoeller Pump provided comprehensive training to the plant personnel, empowering them to effectively monitor and maintain the new system, ensuring its optimal performance for the long term. This collaboration between Zoeller, the engineering firm, and the utility company not only resolved the immediate wastewater challenges but also established a reliable and environmentally responsible solution, alleviating concerns of the community and enhancing operational sustainability.

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