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Lake Saved from Contamination


A mobile home park in Michigan faced a dire challenge: a failing septic system causing unsightly effluent surfacing and endangering a nearby lake.

With a robust 20,000-gallon (75,708 liters) septic tank in place, the owner navigated the challenge of pumping and hauling waste while being bound by strict limitations. A traditional replacement drainfield was also not an option, due to site constraints such as space scarcity, unforgiving soil conditions and a high water table.


After careful consideration, a new system was designed to treat 5,000 gpd (18,927 lpd), utilizing the existing septic tank, a Zoeller Pump WW4 septic tank filter and two ZFL-2400 Fusion® Treatment Systems installed in parallel with a Tru-Flo Splitter.

The Fusion utilizes a combination of anaerobic (without oxygen) and aerobic (with oxygen) biological processes to treat wastewater. As wastewater enters the Fusion, it is broken down and becomes food for biological organisms. Two separate chambers serve to separate separate grease, large solids and liquid increasing contact between water and beneficial bacteria to optimize treatment. A small linear air blower is used to move air (oxygen) into the third chamber for the aerobic process.

Fusion systems are 90% – 95% efficient at treating wastewater, nearly twice as effective as a traditional septic tank, which is approximately 50% efficient.

Treated effluent was collected in a 1,500-gallon (5,678 liter) dose tank and two Zoeller® Model N153 pumps were used to dose a new low pressure drainfield.


A biannual system maintenance routine ensures continued peak performance, marking this innovative solution as a triumph for environmental stewardship, public health, and the sustainability of the community and its surroundings.

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