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Cathay-HCM Taiwan


Cathay-HCM is a healthcare center located in a rented, commercial building. Since the company is not permitted to destroy or change the structure of the facility, they are unable to install buried discharge piping. This means wastewater cannot be moved away from the foundation. A system was needed to pump all discharged water from the hand sinks and air conditioning units away from the building to the sewer system.


The healthcare center had to adhere to the stringent guidelines, and turned to Zoeller Pumps Co. for their solution. The center implemented Zoeller drain pump systems underneath every sink to move discharged water from hand sinks and condensate water produced by the air conditioning unit. As water flows from the sinks and the condensate unit, it is collected by these drain pumps. These drain pumps channel the accumulated wastewater through impellers to create a forceful current that propels the wastewater into the sewer system, seamlessly integrating with the city’s larger sewage infrastructure

Model Description Units
133 Drain pump system 45



Zoeller drain pumps provided a solution that adheres to the stringent regulations of the healthcare system, but also upholds functionality and efficiency of the center. Zoeller’s solution underscores a commitment to regulatory compliance without compromising the essence of the healthcare center’s purpose – to serve the community.

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