• Effluent Lift Stations

Le Loi Hospital

Vung Tau, Southern Vietnam

The Le Loi Hospital is a small clinic in bustling Vung Tua, Vietnam. Because of its densely populated surroundings, the hospital must treat wastewater with the utmost care.


At the core of the Le Loi Hospital’s infrastructure lies a comprehensive approach to managing wastewater generated by its clinic, emergency room, labor room, and other integral facilities. Employing a tailored wastewater treatment system, the hospital ensures efficient handling of all discharged waste from the diverse sections of its buildings. Central to this system are buried tanks strategically positioned to receive and initiate primary treatment for sewage originating from critical areas such as the laundry room and three bathrooms, alongside other essential facilities. Serving as the initial point of treatment, these tanks play a pivotal role in the primary filtration and containment of wastewater throughout the hospital premises. The integration of three Zoeller effluent pumps within the site acts as a crucial mechanism for the transportation of screened effluent. These pumps facilitate the movement of wastewater from the tanks to the subsequent stages of the treatment system, where secondary and tertiary treatment methods are applied for further purification before discharge.

Model Description
V140 Submersible effluent pump
V162 Submersible effluent pump

The meticulous process ensures a thorough treatment protocol, maintaining high standards of environmental responsibility and hygiene within the hospital’s operations.

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