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Qwik Jon® Toilet: What makes a rear discharge toilet a viable option?

Oct 17, 2022

By webfx

If you have ever lived in an apartment or older home and considered remodeling or adding a bathroom, the cost and chaos of traditional plumbing has probably crossed your mind. There are so many things to consider when approaching a remodel or renovation, so why risk sacrificing the home of your dreams on some DIY traditional plumbing? The Qwik Jon Choice macerator or Qwik Jon Premier grinder and Qwik Jon rear outlet toilet allow you to install a bathroom just about anywhere, without traditional plumbing!

Traditional gravity, or floor outlet, toilets are installed by mounting the toilet on the floor on top of a drainpipe that is routed under the flooring. This installation process includes properly measuring and securing the soil pipe and flange, soldering the stop valve, installing the wax ring, and setting the bowl. While this traditional installation is suitable for installing bathrooms during construction, attempting this process in an apartment, basement, warehouse or anywhere gravity plumbing is not available can create a nightmare. That’s why Zoeller engineered the Qwik Jon and Qwik Jon Toilet, allowing you to install a bathroom anywhere without breaking concrete or living in a construction zone for weeks! The Qwik Jon Upflush Systems are a cost-friendly, sleek, and simple solution to adding a bathroom. The Qwik Jon rear outlet toilet can be installed by simply mounting to the floor with bolts, no flange or wax rings needed! It is an incredibly versatile option that works just as well as traditional plumbing, without the cost and mess, as it connects to a plumbing “rough-in” positioned on a bathroom wall rather than on the floor. Paired with the Qwik Jon Choice, a 1/3 HP macerator system, or the Qwik Jon Premier, a ½ HP grinder pump system, you can take a space from unfinished to fully operable in under a week! Qwik Jon systems can be installed in front of or behind the wall. Use Zoeller’s extension kit to maintain the compact, sleek look for behind the wall installations. And even better, the Qwik Jon pairs with additional bathroom fixtures such as sinks or showers to bring you an all-in-one bathroom package.

The Qwik Jon Toilet consists of two parts, the elongated bowl (202-2000), and the water conserving tank (202-3002). The elongated, rear spigot toilet bowl is ADA compliant and compact enough to fit in almost any space. The bowl pairs with our EPA Watersense approved tank, which uses just 1.28 gallons per flush. Zoeller even offers various delivery packages that bring the bowl, tank, and Qwik Jon Choice (200-4000) or Premier (201-4000) right to your doorstep, no hassle! Order yours today by visiting zoellerpumps.com and selecting “Buy Now” from the Qwik Jon Choice or Qwik Jon Premier page.

Feel free to stop by a distributor near you to get a closer look and learn more about this advanced plumbing product. You can also contact Zoeller Pump Company online or call 1-800-928-7867 for additional product information.