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NEW Upflush Solutions: Qwik Jon Choice & Qwik Jon Premier

Jun 9, 2021

By webfx

The Qwik Jon Choice is great if you’re looking for a more cost effective option without sacrificing any dependability. The Choice comes pre-assembled allowing for a quick and easy installation at the jobsite. It has a white, durable, ABS tank with a slim footprint and a clean polished look. It has a built-in handle on either side with finger grips, making it easy to remove from the box and handle on the jobsite. Below the handles we’ve also recessed these side inlets for a more modern look. These are both 2” NPT and accept 1.5” PVC when connecting to other fixtures such as a tub, sink or shower. On the top of the system we have an 1-1/2” vent connection for a 1-1/2” stack vent and in the middle we have a 1” connection for the discharge line that can be reduced to 3/4” if needed. The entire lid to the tank is snap-fit to make inspection and maintenance quick and easy. And we’ve also added to this unit some quick access ports that allow you to inspect and maintain the unit without having to remove the lid and piping. One gives you access to the Junction box and float mechanism, and the other gives you access to the cutter and cutter basket. The Qwik Jon Choice is a 1/3 HP Macerator. So the first thing that the waste sees when it comes into the system is the cutting mechanism. Its performance is a little less than that of the Premier, in that it’s rated to handle toilet paper and organic waste only – making it a good fit for residential applications. The system is able to achieve 26’ of shut off head and 33 GPM of flow.

The Qwik Jon Premier still has a nice clean polished look with a white, durable ABS tank. Its footprint is just slightly larger than the Choice. On this unit we provide the same connection for a 1/2” stack vent and 1” discharge connection. The lid is still a snap-fit design, but the Premier doesn’t come with the quick access ports that are on the Choice. We did that because the pump in this system is superior to that of the Choice. The Premier actually comes preassembled with a true 1/2 HP grinder pump capable of handling toilet paper, organic waste, sanitary items and heavy fabric – making it great for residential and light commercial applications. It’s important to really understand that the technology in this ½ HP grinder pump is the same technology we use in our 2 HP and larger commercial grade grinder pumps. And because of that you won’t need to service the system as much as you might need to with a macerator. This grinder pump has a shut off head of 29’ and can achieve 45 GPM of flow at 5’ feet of head.

Both the Qwik Jon Choice and Premier, when running, are no louder than the flushing of a toilet. Both can be installed behind the wall or directly behind the toilet.

In addition to the Qwik Jon units themselves, we also offer a rear spigot toilet allowing you to easily complete an installation. Our standard toilet includes an ADA compliant height bowl and an EPA Water Sense certification because it uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush. To simplify behind the wall or recessed wall installations, we also offer an extension kit the pipe, two white couplings and four clamps needed to compete the installation.

All Qwik Jon products, like all other Zoeller pumps are 100% factory tested for their performance before leaving the facility – ensuring end users walk away with a dependable product every time.

When you’re looking for a bathroom solution that won’t destroy your home, your budget, or take up months of your time – think Qwik Jon. For more information on these units, we encourage you to reach out to your local Zoeller Representative.