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NEW Sewage & Grinder Package System Design

Mar 12, 2021

By webfx


Zoeller Pump Company’s 912 Sewage and 915 Grinder Package Systems have a new design with the Contractor in mind. For years we’ve been hearing from customers on these systems, ‘We love your pumps, but your package system could use some improvement’. Well, we took that feedback, and Sales, Marketing, & Engineering teamed together to revamp these systems to not only deliver on the Contractor’s needs, but to go above and beyond in the production of this new unit.

We started with the cover. Zoeller’s new PSF cover has a removable access port for quick and easy inspection of the system’s internal components. It has two threaded 2” discharges that can either both be used for discharge in a Duplex configuration, or that can be used for discharge and vent in a Simplex configuration. In a Duplex configuration we also leave additional space on the cover for a vent to be drilled. The new design also has a stainless-steel tag affixed to the cover that relays important pump/system and electrical information as well as leaves a space for the Contractor to leave their information for the system owner, should they so please.

Inside the basin we added a spring-loaded PVC float tree that snaps in and out of place with the help of molded grips to make inspection and maintenance a breeze. We also added molded torque stops to hold the pump in place and increase stability. On the outside we included a 360-degree molded handle for easy transportation and installation of the system that also serves as an anti-flotation device helping to secure the system in place and keep it there once installed. Finally, the system now ships with a clear construction cover to protect the unit from any masonry work or debris.

For more information on these systems, please visit zoellerpumps.com or email zcotechnical@zoeller.com.

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