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Three Decades Running


“How long should my pump last?”

This is one of the most common questions we hear from our customers and end users when they are looking to install or replace their product. The answer is seven to ten years depending on the application.

However, at Zoeller Pump Company, we design and build our pumps with an exceptional level of dependability to out-last the industry life expectancy.

We always LOVE to hear from our customers when they experience unbelievable results from their Zoeller products. Here is the latest message and photo we received from a satisfied sump pump owner in Illinois who is replacing his Zoeller pump after 31 years of reliable service!

I’m attaching a picture of one of your pumps. (Model N53) This pump has been in service in my residential septic system since 1987. I installed this system in that year. Recently my system went into a high level alarm caused by this pump failing. The impeller came off, motor was still running! After 31 years of service, pumping ALL of my (wastewater) and sewage, it finally gave up. Now that’s impressive!! I have one of your pumps ordered to replace this one. Didn’t have a video, just this picture. Your family-owned company can stand proud producing this kind of quality for this many years and then some.
Thank you,
A satisfied pump owner



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