Jumex Centroamericana
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Jumex Centroamericana

Nejapa, El Salvador

Jumex, a renowned fruit juice manufacturer originating from Mexico, decided to establish a processing plant in El Salvador in 2009. However, building this new site came with a crucial environmental responsibility: the establishment of a dedicated wastewater treatment plant on the premises


Jumex collaborated with a local Zoeller Pumps Co. distributor to ensure the eco-efficiency of their operations. Utilizing their own chemical treatment process powered by Zoeller pumps, the local distributor created a comprehensive wastewater treatment system that integrated seamlessly with the lush surroundings.

Wastewater laden with remnants of the fruit juice production cycle flows into the treatment facility. The Zoeller effluent pump’s chambers sift through the wastewater, segregating heavy solids and liquids with precision by moving the purified water from these large reservoirs and preparing it for chemical treatment. Here, the Zoeller effluent pump mixes the treated water with eco-friendly chemicals and rendering it environmentally safe.

Model Description
151 High-head effluent pump
62 HD Heavy-duty, 3″ (76 mm) spherical solids-passing

Thanks to the the Zoeller distributor and Zoeller effluent pumps, what was once wastewater now makes its way to the city’s treatment plant, ready to safely join the region’s waterways and allowing the Jumex plant to continue operating efficiently.

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