Zoeller Pump provides decentralized collection using filtered septic tank effluent pumping (STEP) systems.
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Effective Treatment Where Looks Matter

Lexington, Kentucky

The design engineer for Keene Manor Estates, a country club development in Nicholasville, Ky, needed wastewater treatment options. The initial plan of drainfields in every backyard failed to meet the aesthetic quality sought by the owners.


The engineer turned to Zoeller Pump to provide decentralized collection using filtered septic tank effluent pumping (STEP) systems, a recirculating gravel filter, and drip distribution that irrigated portions of the golf course. STEP systems are a specialized type of sewage management system designed to overcome the challenges posed by topographical variations or restrictions in natural drainage flow. These systems are particularly useful in areas where gravity-based wastewater disposal is impractical due to elevation differences or insufficient soil conditions.

STEP systems provide flexibility and efficiency in wastewater management, especially in areas where traditional gravity-based systems are unfeasible. They offer a solution for transporting effluent against gravity or over uneven terrains, ensuring proper treatment and disposal of wastewater while conforming to environmental regulations.

Zoeller helped size and design a force main treatment system and aided with the drip field zoning and layout.


The system, operational and trouble-free since 2007, led to more consistent, professional, and effective wastewater management

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