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Top 5 Things to Consider When Shopping for an Above-Floor Plumbing System

Feb 6, 2023

By webfx

Remodels and renovations can be stressful! There are countless options for upgrades that can completely transform your home or space. One of the most common home renovations is adding a bathroom. But what about plumbing?

If you want to install a bathroom where traditional gravity plumbing does not reach, an above-floor plumbing system is a great option! Purchasing one of these systems can be stressful if you don’t know exactly what to look out for. Don’t worry, here are five things you should consider when shopping for an above-floor plumbing system:

  1. Dependability
    • Dependability matters and knowing who manufactured your upflush system can tell you a lot about the dependability of the product. When shopping for an above-floor plumbing system, choosing a trusted manufacturer with a high-quality product can save you from spending more money on repairs and re-purchases down the road.
    • Qwik Jon® Upflush Systems are made with ABS plastic, a stronger and tougher material that is commonly used in manufacturing of products that are intended to withstand everyday wear-and-tear such as piping, medical devices, furniture, appliances and more.
  2. Safety and Performance
    • As exciting as a remodel can be, plumbing is one of the more complicated aspects, and one of the most important. To help prevent dangerous, unsanitary conditions or potential property damage, plumbing must comply with national codes, as well as local ones, which may be stricter. Determining whether an above floor plumbing system complies with these local codes is a crucial step in the process of planning your remodel. These codes may cover aspects like the placement of fixtures, and the distance between them, the actual performance and integrity of the unit, down to the size and material of piping. To ensure the safety of all users and satisfactory performance of the unit, checking your local plumbing codes and verifying the above floor system complies with those codes is a must!
  3. Certification
    • When shopping for an above-floor plumbing system, it is important to determine if the system is approved by a third-party certification body such as UL, CSA, IAPMO, or the Ingress Protection (IP) rating. These certifications are globally recognized and demonstrate that the product has met the applicable testing and product evaluation standards. Though difficult to meet for manufacturers, these certifications are important to consider during the shopping process because they bring peace of mind that the units have been evaluated for performance by an independent third party and the certification is required by some national/regional/local plumbing codes.
  4. Warranty
    • We’ve all seen the reviews online about a system breaking after months of use and just shortly after the warranty expired. The customer is left with a faulty system and no other option than to pay more to repair it or replace it. Zoeller offers a two-year warranty on the Qwik Jon Premier so we can ensure your system is working and your customer is satisfied. Be careful with warranty claims as they are often used as a sales gimmick by Sellers of less dependable products. Extended warranties don’t always translate into more value for the Buyer.
  5. Customer Service
    • Sitting on hold for hours, waiting for customer service can be a nightmare, especially when you need a solution fast! Manufacturers with customer service availability nationwide can be incredibly helpful in getting a quick response that will address your specific question or concern with your location and application in mind. Zoeller has a full-time customer service team available during the business week as well as sales representatives and fieldworkers throughout North America.

Using these considerations when shopping for an above-floor plumbing system can help you choose the best system for your application that will last through years of use!