Zoeller Dry Basement Guarantee

Protect Your Home

The sump pump is the heart of your home’s groundwater protection system. With Zoeller’s equipment in your sump pit, you are guaranteed to have the very best protection.

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It’s the smartest decision you’ll ever make to protect your basement.

The Zoeller Dry Basement Guarantee gives you peace of mind knowing that in the event of a sump pump system failure, your home is protected.

Zoeller Dry Basement Guarantee

Dry Basement Guarantee Equipment Bundle

Our premium sump pump, the Model 63, is the heart of our Dry Basement Guarantee equipment bundle. Its unmatched dependable performance paired with our AquaNot® Fit 508 battery backup system and battery, guarantee you the very best water protection system for your home. At Zoeller, we stand behind our product, so much so that we guarantee this system will keep your basement dry when installed by one of our factory certified installers. If not, we'll provide you coverage to assist with fixing it.

  1. Zoeller Model 63 Primary Sump Pump
  2. Zoeller AquaNot Fit 508
  3. Zoeller AquaNot Battery

Qualifying for Guaranteed Protection is as Easy as 1-2-3:

1. Select a Zoeller factory certified installer of your choice

To qualify for the Zoeller Dry Basement Guarantee, a factory certified installer of your choice will professionally install your Dry Basement Guarantee equipment bundle.

2. Your certified installer will make sure it is done right

You must also purchase and have your Basement Guarantee Bundle professionally installed.

3. Select Your Plan

Peace of mind is a guaranteed deal. The Zoeller Dry Basement Guarantee is available in three reimbursement plans. When the installation is complete, select your plan from the three coverage levels.

Guaranteed dry basement.

Take your first step to a Dry Basement Guarantee.

Zoeller Dry Basement Guarantee

3 Great Plans. 1 Dry Basement.


per month
Up to $25,000 in coverage


per month
Up to $50,000 in coverage


per month
Up to $100,000 in coverage

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